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Baikowski has history of 115 years and is one of the leading manufacturers of high-purity Alumina, spinel and YAG. Baikowski has R&D centres in France, US and Japan. Since, 2018, Baikowski has been listed on Euronext Growth Stock Exchange. 



High Purity Alumina

High-quality sintered alumina raw material. Thermally conductive TIM material filling application. 

Magnesia Aluminium Spinel

Sintered high-strength glass. Sintered high-strength thermal shock resistant refractory material. 

Alumina Slurry

The polishing liquid for silicon wafer, sapphire, silicon carbide, aluminum nitride and other semiconductor CMP processes that required high polishing efficiency, low surface roughness, and few surface defects. 

Phosphor/Ceramic Sheet

High-purity nano-level, suitable for sintering, can be used in high-power optical component packaging. 

Baikowski Special Specification Alumina

Baikowski has three unique alumina powder production processes. The products have the characteristics of high technical content, high production quality and stable batches. At the same time, it can strictly and finely control the crystal phase, particle size, shape, composition, additive doping, granulation and other parameters according to the customer's manufacturing process and special requirements and provide personalized customized products.


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Baikowski high purity alumina

Baikowski has been producing high-purity alumina since 1904. It is the world's largest producer of high-purity nano-grade alumina, composite alumina and related inorganic chemicals.


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Baikowski customized products and specialty oxides

Baikowski nano-magnesium-aluminum spinel powder, nano-YAG, ZTA and other products can prepare transparent armor ceramics, infrared window transparent ceramics, laser ceramics, artificial joints and other products, and can provide customized powders according to customer needs.


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Baikowski polishing fluid/polishing pad

Baikowski offers a variety of polishing slurries. It can be applied to crystals such as calcium fluoride, barium fluoride, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, lithium niobate, germanium, and silicon. The HK series of diamond polishing fluids are optimized for the polishing of gallium nitride and silicon carbide wafers. At the same time, polishing liquid, polishing pad and diamond liquid can be customized according to customer requirements. Welcome to inquire!


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Globaltop Technology Inc. is Baikowski's agent in Taiwan. Please contact us to learn more about Baikowski's products and how we can help you with your application. 

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